CIA  Central Intelligence Agency

DSL  Defence Systems Limited

GCC  Global Climate Coalition

DSC  Defence Systems Columbia

IDA  International Development Association

IFC  International Finance Corporation

MIGA  Multilateral Investment Guarantee Association

TNI  Indonesian acronym of Military Security Unit

OPIC  Overseas Private Investment Council

IMF  International Monetary Fund

CEPE  Coporacion Estatal de Petrolera Ecuadoria

ATCA  Alien Tort Claims Act

IPE  International Petroleum Exchange


International Vehicle Identification CODES


AFG Afghanistan

ANG  Angola

BOL  Bolivia

BUR  Burma

CAM  Cameroon

CO  Columbia

EC  Ecuador



IR Iran

IRQ  Iraq

MYA  Myanmar (Burma)

NGR  Nigeria

RI  Indonesia

TCH  Chad

ZA  South Africa

Advertising SLOGANS

Coca-Cola  "it's the real thing"  1943

General Electric  "imagination at work"  2003

L'Oreal  "because you're worth it"  1967

McDonald's  "we love to see you smile"  2000

Nike  "just do it"  1988

Scottish Infantry  "forward as one "  2005

Tesco  "every little helps "  1992