The SPOILS are a series of photomontaged artworks. They exist as printed cards and exhibition prints of varying sizes. SPOILNOTES are the accompanying web-notes for the SPOILS

SPOILNOTES act as a sort of combined footnote, bibliography and referencing section. These intend to assist (re)interpretation and an unravelling of the visual statements these photocollages generate. Although the aim of these notes is to offer partial explanations to the work, not everything has been 'translated'. If the viewer is interested in the content, links to further reading and research is available.

This initial set of the SPOILS makes reference to seven of the largest oil giants of recent decades; and through allegory, metaphor, detourned emblems and symbolism show some of their 'footprints' on the world.

Each SPOILER Collage (numbered) has a dedicated page with a related text (extract) that has helped develop ideas. Included here are links to where the source article can be found, as well as a larger image.

LISTS contain various bits of data, including the acronyms, codes and slogans used in the work.

LINKS contain various web sites that have been used directly or indirectly to assist with constructing the content of the work.

- The SPOILS are NO Copyright - 2006 -
- reappropriate and use freely...




the SPOILS are not currently on show.

If you would like to host the exhibition or know of a venue near you that you think might be interested do get in touch.

The set of cards are available for free from the Radical Independent Bookfair based in Glasgow.


----------------------------------- may be interested to hear that this work was rejected by the Art Not Oil project (see links page) - the work was deemed to be inappropriate and I quote...

"(these) images personify a sort of nastiness I (art not oil) don't want anything to do with."

- hey there's encouragement and support for you!